Sudan has endorsed numerous developments over the past years, especially in the fields of agriculture, construction, Infrastructure and mining. Which lead the heavy equipment market to prosper and to continuously introduce new and advanced machines

DHE holds anexclusiveespecialelegantdealership for JCB Ma-chinery in Sudan, JCB itself is known as one off the best machinery manufacturers worldwide

Our Products

DHE offers a wide range of JCB machines for all the different types of industrial applications. When you get behind the controls of a JCB machine, you’ll soon under-stand why it’s one of the most trusted heavy equipment manufacturers in the world. The solid construction gives you confidence. The safety features give you peace of mind. And the innovative design gives you the latest advantage over your competition

Working with us to become theleaderpremierand the first referral for all clients all over Sudan in the field of heavy equipment

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Hover Box Element

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Social Responsibilities

DHE will provide a financial award for the best graduation project in Mechanical Engineering & Electrical Engineering from U of K and SUST

10 opportunities every year of Scholarships and financial support will be offered for schools and universities students for staff families.

The company will offer charity and volunteering opportunities for the staff who want to be involved.

Collecting clothes

Fix and Serve Meals and food Co-op in Ramadan

Supply of Medicine

Our Special Events


In AL-BUTANA DHE and JCB operators from UK head quarters went down to AL-BUTANA mining areas, organizing the largest machines demo show events to our customers and mining society


With participation from delegation of JCB Diesel heavy equipment has organized an event celebrate the success of its new Excavator { JS205 } Which was the market leader in the Excavator sales in Sudan 2016


We have the self –honesty to audit when we are wrong and the cowage to change the JS205 was the real change for the best, and there we are paying tribute to our loyal customers who believed in our great product JS 205


DHE believe that clients satisfaction is a priorities and to achieve this and to motivate them, we regularly organize customers visits to JCB factories in united kingdom and india


DHE as it derived from its commitment to sudan sports society.we are honored by sponsoring the Al-amal Atbra football team for sevral years which brought fruitfull partenership to both bodies




Even though we have the best product of its kind in the word ,the JCB backhoe loader . we still use our innovation to inspire and implement new solutions for our customers , the pole planter is one of these solutions


Through our cumulative experience and archieve continous improvements we regulary organize machines demo show events to our customers and society, from these events is the JCB JS305-33 to excavator demonstration in nile street east khartoum


DHE extended its umbrella of sponsorship to the ALASIAM Sudanese horse racing club in their celebrations of AL-EID horse race tournament



GCB celebrates its 75th anniversary (1945-2020)
75 years of achievement and giving as all agents around the world celebrated this special day…
We are very happy to be part of this great family.
Part of the celebration of Diesel Heavy Equipment

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The activities of Diesel Heavy Equipment Company to raise awareness of breast cancer as part of the social responsibility and as a participation in the month of October, the international month for awareness.
Under the slogan (Early detection is a guarantee for your protection)

Mining Machinery &Equipment Expo

Mining Machinery &Equipment Expo

Mining machinery and equipment exhibition held in Al-Mawlid Square in the city of Atbara

DHE Staff

Diesel Heavy Equipment believes in the development of its employees. Regular classroom and online trainings are organized to help staff excel in their jobs